The SAT I Reading and Writing Open Class at Noumena is designed to help students maximize their scores on both the Critical Reading and Writing sections of the SAT by ensuring a solid foundation in basic vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension skills. This is a 4-hour course which includes: daily vocabulary quizzes, a writing or reading quiz with review, homework review, grammar concepts lecture, and reading comprehension and analysis lecture.

Upon completion of this course, students will have: a clear grasp of English grammar and writing skills, learned how to think and read critically, expanded their vocabulary, and gained the necessary tools for overall success on the SAT. Ultimately, our goal is to help every student - regardless of their background or previous score - master the SAT and score at least 700 in the Critical Reading or Writing section of the test. We are confident that we can assist every student to achieve this goal. Of course, for high performing students, we can guide them in achieving a perfect score with equal confidence. 

Because we are so good at helping students score higher, many students from top high schools in Korea come to us to create small group classes. But, they are more than welcome to join our open classes. 

Students who are taught to think and solve problems the Noumena way will be able to apply the same principles to both collegiate and real-world challenges that would arise in the future. Noumena does not teach students "tips and tricks". Rather, we engage in an exchange of knowledge between the teachers and students, truly empowering minds.


SAT Class Breakdown


Students take a battery of diagnostic tests within the first two weeks of lessons. These tests provide us with a baseline of each student's initial range and ability. We record all of the data and proceed to place students according to ability in one of three levels: Mastery, Advanced, and Proficiency. 

Mastery Level (CR scores higher than 650): The aim of this course is to help students achieve perfect scores on both Critical Reading and Writing sections. These students already possess strong reading comprehension skills and a command of English grammar. Most of these students derive at the answer through a vague sense of intuition, not concrete analysis. The goal of this class is to bridge that gap between intuition and knowledge. Through the use of logical rules and principles, we teach students to identify and categorize errors and verify answers with evidence provided in the passage. Students will no longer "feel" they are guessing the right answer. Instead, they will know with 100% certainty why their choice is correct. This is a reading intensive class with supplementary guidance in writing. 

Advanced Level (CR scores from 500 to 650 ): Students in the Advanced level will still focus on vocabulary, but the primary purpose of this class is to improve their contextual reading comprehension. Thus, students will read many passages in great detail with the careful guidance of a teacher inside the classroom. In doing so, they will begin to have a clearer grasp of the analytical reasoning involved in matching the answer choice to the respective key words or references in the passage. Many students at this level may also have a stronger Writing score. Thus, the grammar review in the Advanced Level classes will target students who already possess a strong grasp of the English language and its grammatical usage. This is a reading intensive class with supplementary guidance in writing. 

Proficiency Level (CR scores below 500): Proficiency Level students have the most difficulty in the Critical Reading section. As such, these students will receive the most vocabulary of all the levels. In proficiency classes, the teacher will walk students through reading passages and carefully extract all of the words and phrases that are unfamiliar to the students. Students will also be taught the foundational building blocks of English grammar. Grammar lessons will be a central and integral part of these classes, as many students at this level are also beginning to learn or are in the midst of learning the English language. This class will focus both on fundamental reading and writing concepts.



SAT I Critical Reading (Only) 

A favorite for students attending top high schools in Korea, this course is specifically designed for students comfortable with their current writing scores who really want to improve in the critical reading section of the SAT. Experience has taught us that, when grouping students of similar backgrounds, the class can be both fun and educational. This class is well-suited for individual 1-to-1 lessons or small groups. These classes are specially tailored to the needs of groups of students who sign-up together as a team. Open classes are available upon demand. 

Content and focus of this course will be based on teaching students not just reading comprehension but also how to synthesize and analyze information, understand related words, identify tone, determine an author's purpose, and recognize logical connections among words and ideas within the sentence or passage, just to name a few. 

SAT I Writing Multiple Choice (Only) 

For students who are either lacking a basic foundation in English grammar or simply want to improve from being high-scoring students to becoming perfect scoring students (800 students), this class will provide them with the necessary tools to improve and perform. Through close observation and guided practice, students in the Noumena SAT I Writing Multiple Choice class see improvements in their scores in a matter of one to two weeks. 

Noumena's proven method to solve the SAT is evident in the drastic score improvements in the SAT I Writing Multiple Choice section. In this course, students will gain a mastery of grammar usage in complicated sentence structures. They will also learn how to recognize logical connections within sentences that contain complex and abstract ideas. Just like the SAT I Critical Reading class, the Writing class is well-suited for individual 1-to-1 lessons or small group classes. Through intense guided instruction, heavy progress monitoring, and ample question-and-answer time, students will become grammar masters! Open classes are available upon demand. 

SAT I Essay 

Unfortunately, the current SAT essay portion of the test does not accurately gauge a student's writing ability, but rather rewards students who are well-versed in formulaic writing. Dr. Perelman, an MIT professor, has done extensive research to prove this claim. 

According to the College Board, the SAT I Essay is intended to test students on their ability to develop a point of view on a specific topic and support that point of view using various examples, strong reasoning, and strong grammar. Students are given 25 minutes to write an essay within two-pages of the student answer sheet. 

This class will teach students proper organization of the SAT Essay, how to research good examples, how to revise and correct their own essays and how to practice writing these essays from memory under testing (timed) conditions.We often recommend that students take the Essay course to supplement the SAT I RW course since the essay currently affects the final writing score. Depending on the difficulty of the Writing Multiple Choice section and the scale, the essay can affect the overall writing score by as much as 30%!


SAT Essay Scoring


Noumena introduces and teaches the most common types or themes of essays that appear on the actual SAT essay prompt. After students learn the different types of essay topics by looking at samples of top-scoring essays, they will begin to write their own essays. Teachers will take students through the writing process and show them how to outline and organize their ideas. A common error most students make is that they do not provide strong supporting evidence for their arguments. We emphasize historic accuracy in the usage of detailed facts, difficult SAT level vocabulary, and varied sentence structures similar to those they see in the SAT Writing multiple-choice section. 

One of the major reasons the SAT is in the midst of a revision is that it simply fails to evaluate students accurately on their writing ability. As currently designed, the SAT Essay rewards formulaic writing and supporting arguments with detailed facts, even when the facts are historically inaccurate. 

Noumena does its very best to meet the perfect score requirements of the essay section without compromising the foundational skills necessary to become a better writer. 

Please visit the College Board website for more information regarding the SAT and SAT Essay.

SAT I & The Noumena Method

At Noumena, students are taught how to solve problems using a very systematic approach, the Noumena Method. By reverse engineering the SAT test, the Noumena Method ensures that students are able to identify incorrect answers consistently with adequate reasons to support their choices.