Critical Reading and Current Affairs

The Critical Reading and Current Affairs class at Noumena is designed to help students become better academic writers while enhancing their critical reading skills through a solid foundation in advanced vocabulary and logical reasoning. Students will explore how arguments are created and delivered by considering opposing viewpoints of current world issues across disciplines and cultures. Daily or weekly essays will help them hone their writers' craft. Through intellectual discussion and debates we will help students not only improve their public speaking skills, but more importantly empower themselves intellectually to nurture their own sense of individual values.

All of our CRCA classes will focus on the following: 

  • Prepare for SAT I Reading & New SAT Essay
  • Develop individual values
  • Improve writing skills
  • Learn how to format essays and cite works

A central component to the CRCA class is the holistic approach to writing. Thorough comments are provided regarding the following: thesis development, logical organization of ideas, and mechanics. Through in-class presentations, writing exercises, and detailed comments, teachers show students how to develop stimulating ideas and strong arguments.

CRCA Topics


CRCA will be offered at two levels:

  • Polymath Level (10th & 11th Grade)
  • Polyglot Level (8th & 9th Grade)
Critical Reading & Current Affairs