College Applications

The Noumena College Applications Program guides students through the process of applying to universities in the United States and other countries. Students meet with our Educational Advisors and Academic Mentors to review their admissions profiles, including standardized test scores, TOEFL scores, GPA, extracurricular activities, and special talents. The faculty at Noumena assist students and parents in researching appropriate schools and creating an application list. We then guide the students in creating essays that evoke authenticity, insightfulness, and creativity. We provide constant feedback through individual meetings and online critiques. By the end of the process students will have a written portfolio that reflects the diversity of the student's interests and as well as his or her personal strengths.

Students will work closely with a team of teachers throughout the entire process from choosing colleges to weighing out admission results.

Student academic profiles are assessed and testing recommendations are made. Depending on the target colleges, it may be suggested that some tests are taken again or postponed in hopes of achieving a higher score.

During the initial assessment, students sit with Noumena teachers to discuss their initial college picks. Noumena prepares students for applications to twenty universities. They do not have to apply to all twenty; we select twenty to enhance chances at acceptance to select universities of the student's choice. This list may change somewhat throughout the duration of the admissions process as it is highly contingent upon test scores, GPA, school ranking, estimated chances of acceptance, high school policies regarding applications, and personal interest.

Taking the college list into consideration, teachers work diligently to assist students in drafting all the essays required for admission to their desired schools. Typically, Noumena spends over 80 hours guiding students through brainstorming and outline sessions and commenting on the student's own drafts for the student to rewrite until the essays are submittable to colleges. Each essay will go through three to nine edits. Each edit will receive careful readings and be returned to student with numerous comments on language, appeal, insight, grammar, organization, and style.

Noumena utilizes a unique and specially crafted rubric tailored specifically for college admission essays. The Noumena College Essay Rubric identifies how strong or weak an essay is across a range of qualities identified to be preferred by admission counselors.

Every session is carefully monitored and recorded in our Noumena College Apps Workbook. This workbook will contain all the information pertaining to each student regarding the college admissions process. Both parents and students have constant access to view this document to edit college lists and follow all of the activity that occurs between teachers and students. In other words, parents can actively track, view, and comment on their children's progress. Noumena encourages parents to be actively involved in their children's application process.

In addition to the individual attention students will receive from a handful of our teachers, students who work throughout the summer to complete their essays will attend a number of weekly seminars to discuss various aspects and elements of the college admissions process. These seminars are informational as well as instructive. They also cover the ethical approach to applying to US colleges and what the US education system expects of its students. These seminars include topics on questions about standardized testing, the various required essays, how to write a professional resume, how to craft an attractive and telling essay, how to do research about schools and programs, proper interview etiquette, and how to evaluate admission results.

Proven Expertise

Noumena has a great wealth of knowledge regarding universities and special programs around the globe. Our team will consider your interests and goals to select programs that are just right for your academic pursuits.

College Application Results

Our students have gained admission to the most prestigious universities around the world. We also have a track record of helping students gain admission to some of the most exclusive combined and special programs at top universities.


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Because many of our students and parents are foreign nationals, Noumena works with parents and students closely and assists them in understanding the admissions process in its entirety. The college admission process can be daunting, so we try to ease some of the concern and help resolve any problems that may arise from language barriers.

Noumena also facilitates workshops to assist students in building professional resumes and preparing any other supplemental materials that a school may request. After students return to school in the fall, Noumena remains in contact with students via Skype and email, ensuring that students submit all applications in a timely manner. After admission decisions have been made, Noumena will advise students in their final school selection and assist them in submitting final paperwork.

It is important to point out that we hold true to our educational philosophy, and thus we do not write essays for students, as doing so would not only be unethical but also be counter to the student's best interest.

Through our thoughtful guidance, students are well prepared for writing and revising any college essay. Each essay goes through an extensive editing process by the student involving many drafts and comments before it is finalized.

Many Korean students struggle with the college application essay simply because they are too absorbed in overcoming the mundane challenges of studying abroad, and thus need the direction, focus, and guidance from advisors who are more familiar with the U.S. college application process. Furthermore, many parents of international students lack the level of English to completely understand their children's academic environment. The focus of Noumena's College Applications Program is to provide the type of coaching most American students with similar socio-economic backgrounds would normally receive. In essence, we are leveling the playing field for international students by assisting them through the daunting process of applying to American colleges.

At Noumena, all student essays are reviewed extensively, often by more than one instructor. Instead of simply correcting essays, we help students learn and become better writers by explaining our comments in terms of fundamental English grammar and composition rules that mirror the Noumena Method used in our SAT I class. Students receive numerous comments on their essays correcting syntax, sentence structure, grammar, and organization. In addition, teachers will comment on the overall quality of the essay, evaluating the strength of the argument and the logical progression of ideas. The goal of every Noumena instructor is to not only guide the student to produce an essay free of errors, but also to help him or her recognize patterns of mistakes and avoid making those same mistakes in the future.