The ACT is a college readiness exam used for college admission purposes as an alternative to the SAT exam. Parents and students always ask about the differences between the SAT and the ACT. Simply put, the ACT is more of a knowledge-based test, while the SAT is more of a pattern-based test.

The English section on the ACT is similar to the Writing section on the SAT I. This course is well-suited for students who are either lacking a basic foundation in English grammar or simply want to improve. A key difference between the SAT Writing and the ACT English sections is the scope of grammatical knowledge tested. The ACT English section tests students on a wider range of grammar concepts and is more contextual. An interesting note is that the newly redesigned SAT, which will be administered in the Spring of 2016, will incorporate a more contextual approach to testing grammar, similar to the current approach used in the ACT. Through close observation and guided practice, students in the Noumena ACT English class see improvements in their scores in just weeks.

Noumena's proven method to solve the SAT is completely applicable to the ACT English section and is evident in the drastic score improvements of our students. In this course, students will gain a mastery over grammar usage, learn how to recognize logical connections within sentences throughout a passage, identify tone words, and learn how to apply proper punctuation, elements currently minimized on the SAT I. The ACT English class is suitable for individual 1-to-1 lessons or small group classes. Through intense guided instruction, heavy progress monitoring, and ample question-and-answer time, students will become grammar masters! Open classes are available upon demand.

Similar to our SAT I Critical Reading class, the ACT Reading class is specifically designed for students comfortable with their current ACT English section score and who really want to improve in the Reading section of the ACT. This class will survey the four types of reading selections that will appear on the ACT: humanities, literary narrative or prose fiction, social studies, and natural sciences. This class is well-suited for individual 1-to-1 lessons or small groups. We group students according to performance level and similar backgrounds. Small group classes are specially tailored to the needs of groups of students who sign-up together as a team. Open classes are available upon demand.

Content and focus of this class will be based on teaching students not just reading comprehension but also how to synthesize and analyze information, draw generalizations, analyze the author's voice, identify important relevant details, and test a student's overall understanding of ideas directly stated as well as those that are implied.

The Noumena ACT Writing class will teach students the skills and strategy required to write a great ACT Essay. It will also teach students how to identify and address the specific topic to be answered, how to take a clear position on the topic at hand, how to articulate that position through the development of a solid thesis statement, and finally how to persuade the essay raters with style and strong ethos. Most students ask if the ACT Essay is more like the SAT I Essay or the TOEFL Essay, but the truth of the matter is that it falls somewhere in between both. The ACT Essay requires more of a command of English and stronger vocabulary than does the TOEFL essay, and has less room for stylistic freedom than the SAT essay. Teachers make thorough comments on student essays to ensure that students have a complete understanding of how to structure the essay properly, check for logical consistency in arguments, and revise grammatical errors appropriately. The ACT Writing section is straightforward and predictable. Any student who adopts Noumena's approach to writing essays for standardized tests will find him or herself in a position to score high.

While not necessarily more difficult than SAT Math, ACT Math covers a wider range of topics compared to SAT I Math. Noumena's ACT Math class will cover all topics and skills required to excel in the ACT Math section. It is recommended that students have taken at least Algebra I and Geometry (including Trigonometry) courses during high school before preparing for the ACT Math. Having a basic understanding of the concepts will allow students to most effectively prepare for the exam.

The ACT Science section is often a source of frustration for many students as it combines reading comprehension with interpretation of initially confusing data and/or graphs. Noumena's ACT Science course will teach students how to pinpoint the key points as they read and to also identify trends in data that are critical to deriving the correct response to many questions. While the ACT Science section is a source of frustration for many students, with proper preparation and rigorous practice, it can be conquered just like any other exam.

The Noumena Method

The Noumena Method teaches students how to systematically solve problems on the SAT. Through this method, students are able to accurately identify right and wrong answers with confidence and precision.