2016-17 Winter Session

The time to register for Noumena's 2016 Winter Session is here. Our Winter Session is running from December 12th through January 7th. This year we are offering open classes in the following subjects:

Class Days Time
SAT Open Class Mo-Sa 9:00-18:00
ACT Open Class Mo-Sa 9:00-18:00
CRCA Mo-Fr 15:00-18:00
Grammar Mastery Mo-Fr 15:00-18:00
SAT Subject Test Math II Mo, We, Fr 19:00-21:00
*Diagnostic tests will be administered every other Saturday during the Winter Session.

We are currently holding infomation sessions every Saturday at Noumena's office.
Call : +82-(0)2-583-0164 (Local)

Register Today

If you are interested in attending our winter programs or just want to learn more about what we have to offer. Contact us to speak with our staff or set up a consultation.

Our Programs

Noumena also has a number of other courses and programs available for those who are interested. These services can be provided upon request if our open classes don't fit your needs or schedule.