Our Mission

Noumena has always dedicated itself to focusing on education first and on the importance of understanding the intrinsic value of education.

Our Mission:

"To help students harness the intrinsic value of education so that they can excel in life."

With over 30 years of combined student advising and mentoring experience, Noumena Education Initiative (NEI) and its associates aim to become the leader in private education advising. To truly excel in and take full advantage of the American education system, a student needs to do more than simply achieve high scores on the test or do well in class. Through its unique and methodical approach to education, its dedicated commitment to students, and its focus on holistic and foundational learning in and outside the classroom, Noumena successfully continues to help students achieve their academic and life goals. Rather than focus on the end results, our approach emphasizes the importance of how the process of learning and knowledge can truly empower an individual to excel in life.

Intrinsic Value

True Education should emphasize not only acquiring knowledge and skills but also developing character and values, not simply tricks to improve scores or shortcuts to receive acceptance from Ivy League universities. By helping students recognize and harness the intrinsic value of education, their goals become not only more realistic but also a necessary byproduct of their ethos.

Our Mission

Our mission also aims to have a positive impact on society as a whole. By helping parents fully understand what is expected of their children by U.S. Educators and by providing honest accurate information to parents, Noumena assists parents in making the wisest decisions regarding their children’s education. We provide students with unsurpassed care and mentoring with the students’ and parents’ best interests always in mind.