The SSAT (Secondary School Admissions Test) is a standardized test for assessing the skills of those students aiming to study in private US high schools or boarding schools. Most top boarding schools as well as private schools require the applicant to take the SSAT. Scoring high on the test is considered a relatively accurate indicator of the student’s readiness to take on the challenges at top secondary institutions. The SSAT is offered in three levels: Elementary, Middle, and Upper. The appropriate level should be determined by the age and grade level of the student and by the school to which the student is applying.

The writing section asks students to write a written response to a given prompt; though unscored, the Writing section provides school officials an idea of how well the student writes and organizes ideas. The Quantitative section is the math section of the test and involves basic algebra, geometry, probability, graphs, and word problems. The Reading section of the test gauges the student’s ability to read and comprehend the passage introduced on the test. The Verbal section tests the student’s ability to recognize logical relationships between words or a set of words via vocabulary based questions or analogies.

The importance of this test in gaining admissions to the most selective secondary schools cannot be overemphasized. To help students surmount this challenge, Noumena has trained teachers that specialize in the SSAT and its individual sections: Writing, Quantitative, Reading, and Verbal. Due to the fundamental nature of the test, parents can be assured that Noumena teachers – who have been intensively trained in a much more difficult suite of standardized testing such as the ACT and the SAT I – are more than well-prepared to instruct aspiring middle school students to achieve optimal scores.  All our classes can be customized to meet the student’s needs. Depending on demand, Noumena can provide open-class (1:10), small group, or 1:1 lessons.