SAT Subject Tests

Many prestigious U.S. collegiate institutions require or strongly recommend that the student take at least two SAT Subject Tests in addition to the SAT I or the ACT. The SAT Subject Tests are different in nature from the SAT I. While the SAT I attempts to assess a student’s natural abilities and therefore is pattern-based, the subject tests target a student’s specific knowledge in a given subject. When deciding which SAT Subject Test to take, the student should research the requirements for the schools and majors to which she is interested in applying. Most colleges and universities that require or recommend SAT Subject Tests usually encourage taking the Math Level 2 test and another test of the student’s choice. Some undergraduate schools, majors, and programs are rather specific about which tests to take and may even recommend or require the student to take more than two.

To help students showcase their knowledge in an array of subjects, Noumena Education Initiative offers lessons in a variety of SAT Subjects. Teachers at Noumena spend months developing curricula for a catalog of academic disciplines that are deemed most rigorous and viewed most favorably upon by the most selective U.S. colleges and universities. Ranging from Math and Sciences to English and History, Noumena SAT subject classes focus on ensuring that the student gain a comprehensive understanding of whichever areas of study that suit her interests and would aid her in personal scholarly development. Through these intensive courses, the Noumena student furnishes herself with not only the skills to score exceptionally on the SAT Subject Test(s) but also the mastery required to excel at school in the given subject area.   

As in our SAT I program, the SAT subject classes are available through open-class (1:10), small group, or 1:1 lessons. Customized classes are also available for students who aspire toward the perfect score as well as for those who want to gain a head start in the subject matter before they return to school after school breaks or even to maintain a strong GPA while currently attending school.

SAT Subject tests are currently available in a number of disciplines:

Math Level 1 Math Level 2
Biology E/M Physics
U.S. History World History
Spanish German
Spanish w/ Listening German w/ Listening
French Modern Hebrew
French w/ Listening Latin
Chinese w/ Listening Japanese w/ Listening
Italian Korean w/ Listening
SAT Subject Tests