SAT I & The Noumena Method

The SAT I is the most widely used test for college admissions in the United States. While curriculum and GPA scales may vary from region to region and country to country, the SAT provides university admission counselors with a standard of measurement to assess all university applicants fairly. While not an IQ test, the SAT I is an aptitude test which measures reasoning and verbal skills. The SAT, along with high school GPA, is recognized as a reliable indicator of college preparedness and success.

Noumena Method

At Noumena, students are taught how to solve problems using a very systematic approach: The Noumena Method. By reverse engineering the SAT test, the Noumena Method ensures that students are able to identify incorrect answers consistently with adequate reasons to support their choices. Accuracy is the primary goal when using the Noumena Method to solve the SAT. Once a student is fully accustomed to the method, speed is no longer a factor. Students will possess the skills needed to solve any problem with alacrity and precision.

Students who are taught to think and solve problems the Noumena way will be able to apply the same principles to both the collegiate and real-world challenges that will arise in the future. Noumena does not teach students "tips and tricks". Rather, it engages in an exchange of knowledge between the teachers and students, truly empowering minds.


SAT I Breakdown


Noumena Method Writing and Critical Reading