Custom & Online Classes

Out standard open classes are suited for all academic needs and levels. We felt it would be best for the students to keep our classes small, providing them with the best education possible. None of our classes have programs that teach more than ten students in one classroom. These classes are open to the general public and any student can sign up for these classes. 

Our standard Open Class programs include:

Open Classes


Small Group Lessons

Small Group Lessons are perfect for groups of students who come from the same school and wish to study together. All our programs are offered as closed group sessions based on demand. The difference between our Open Classes and our Small Group Lessons is that the Small Group classes are closed to the general public. Parents and students come to us with a specific list of students who want to enroll in the class. 

These classes are especially popular for students attending a Korean magnet school, international school, English language immersion school, or specific US boarding school. These schools often offer different breaks and programs from other ordinary Korean high schools, thus making it difficult for their students to find the right schedule and classes to take the courses they would need to prepare in targeting top US colleges.

1:1 Classes

These are ideal for students who want individual attention and are seeking to improve in a short period. We normally recommend this class for students who are low performing, are extremely high-performing, or are in urgent need of improvement due to critical time pressure.

Online Programs

These programs are great for students currently studying abroad or are too busy and unavailable to take classes at our institute. This program is particularly popular for international students who will return to their US boarding schools after taking classes with us in the summer. Regular online classes in any of the academic subjects we teach help students maintain the improvements they have made during the break. 

Online programs are also particularly great for students who need tutors throughout the academic year to help them maintain and improve their overall GPA. Many of our students have excelled tremendously through our online programs. Regarding school help, It is important to note that WE DO NOT DO WORK FOR THE STUDENTS.

Online 1:1 Classes

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Online Small Group Classes

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Online Sessions

For students not in Korea, our online program provides an convenient way to enroll in our programs regardless of your location. Contact us to see how our online programs can meet your needs.