College Writing Seminar

The College Writing Seminar is specially designed for students who either will begin study at the college-level next fall or who simply want a program that is more challenging than a basic writing course. This course will examine literary texts that enrich students' knowledge and appreciation of Western thought. The primary purpose of this course is to well-prepare students for college level writing so that they can handle the challenges of college courses. Students will develop skills in writing by summarizing and synthesizing information in a logically coherent fashion using the standard MLA-format. 

Noumena's College Writing Seminar encourages students to become analytical thinkers and writers who can create strong essays that connect with their intended audience. Through this course students will be exposed to college-level text and expected to analyze and discuss these readings so that they can articulate a clear understanding and interpretation of various perspectives while developing their own point of view. Current issues of high academic value and interest, along with classical philosophical text, will be used as material and reference points for in-class discussion and all writing assignments. Through frequent written assignments, this class will help students articulate their opinions of issues across various disciplines with clarity, maturity, and reason. 

One unique characteristic of this course is the inclusion of Western philosophical texts commonly used in the Ivy core curriculum. Teachers will guide students through complex material in an attempt to gain a comprehensive understanding of the literary works, a greater awareness of the cultural context of these works, the ethical issues they present, and to a certain extent, the roles these texts play in Western society. 

Upon completion of this course students will develop the reading skills necessary to be able to engage a text directly, identify an author's main argument and underlying assumptions, locate supporting evidence within the text, and evaluate multiple points of view. The writing skills a student will acquire include the ability to develop a clear and forceful thesis supported by organized evidence. Furthermore, students will benefit from the frequent and attentive comments of multiple teachers so they can improve their writing to a high level of intellectual complexity. 

Students in this course will review, analyze, and discuss excerpts from the following texts (but not limited to):




Analytical Thinking

Develop the skills necessary to interpret and discuss college-level texts while simultaneously improving your analytical writing.