College Admissions Results

Noumena students have gained admittance to many schools & programs, including these top universities :

College Accepted From
Princeton University 1 SSHS
Harvard University 1 St. Andrews
Yale University 1 KMLA
Columbia University 4 Loomis, Brooks, SSHS+
Stanford University 4 KMLA, CSIA, HAFS+
University of Chicago 4 Quaker Friends, Deerfield, KMLA+
Duke University 1 KMLA
University of Pennsylvania 6 KMLA, DFLH, CSIA+
Caltech 1 SSHS
Dartmouth College 2 DFLH, CSIA
Johns Hopkins University 4 DFLH, CSIA, Kiski+
Northwestern University 6 Whimoon, Church Farm, Concord+
Washington Univ. in St. Louis 4 Woodberry Forest, Loomis Chaffee, Middlesex+
Cornell University 10+ Woodside Priory, DFLH, CSIA+
Brown University 4 Exeter, Pomfret, The Lawrenceville+
University of Notre Dame 8 Hong Kong Int. Sch., YISS, DFLH+
Rice University 2 SSHS, Woodberry Forest
UC—Berkeley 10+ Hawaii Preparatory, Oakhill Sch., SIS+
Emory University 20+ Wilbranham & Monson, Trinity-Pawling, Mercersburg+
Georgetown University 4 The Hotchkiss, Loomis, St. Pauls+
UC—Los Angeles 20+ Choate Rosemary Hall, Seisen Int. Sch.+
University of Virginia 7 KMLA, Woodberry Forest, Brooks+
Carnegie Mellon University 8 KIS, Santa Catalina, Kiski+
Univ. of Southern California 5 GSIS, Brooks, Kimball Union+
Tufts University 2 The Hotchkiss, Concord
Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor 20+ St. Andrews College, Episcopal HS., KIS+
UNC-Chapel Hill 4 The Hotchkiss, YISS, Oakhill+
Boston College 15+ YISS, SIS, GSIS+
New York University 20+ Whimoon, Brooks, Cushing+
University of Rochester 10+ Hanyoung, KIS+
Brandeis University 7 SIS, Brooks, KIS+
Georgia Institute of Tech. 4 SSHS, Mercersburg+
University of Cambridge 4 Woodberry Forest Sch, DFLH, KMLA+
University of Oxford 3 Exeter, DFLH, CSIA, KMLA+
L.S.E. 3 DFLH, Hotchkiss, NLCS
National Univ. of Singapore 2 Church Farm, Hanyoung
Waseda University 2 St. Mary’s
Keio University 1 St. Mary’s

Combined Programs & Professional Schools

Many Noumena students are interested in applying to combined undergraduate and dental, medical, or business programs. These programs are extremely selective but usually grant incoming college freshman conditional acceptance to graduate or professional degree programs. In addition, these programs often allow students to obtain multiple degrees more quickly than if they followed traditional routes to dental, medical, or business school. Noumena has done extensive research on these programs and specializes in guiding students through each part of the application process. We have helped students receive acceptances to the following combined programs:

College Program From
U of Pennsylvania Jerome Fisher School of Management and Technology Hill School
↑ Graduates of this program regularly find employment at prestigious companies like McKinsey & Company that only hire a handful of undergraduate students globally.
Brown University PLME - B.A. + M.D. Program in Liberal Medical Education YISS
↑ The only combined baccalaureate-MD program in the Ivy League and a major route of admission to the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.
U of Pennsylvania Combined Dental Program Woodberry Forest
↑ Acceptance to UPenn's School of Dental Medicineis nearly guaranteed through this program.
Brown University & RISD Dual Degree Program Pomfret
↑ Students required both artistic skills and Ivy league-level academic skills to gain acceptance from this program.
Georgia Tech & Emory University Dual Degree Program Mercersburg
↑ Students can pursue Bachelor's degrees from both Georgia Tech's College of Engineering and Emory's College of Arts & Sciences.
Boston University B.A. + D.M.D Combined Dental Program Cushing
↑ Acceptance to Boston University's School of Dental Medicine is nearly guaranteed through this program.
University of the Pacific Combined Dental Program The Stony Brook
↑ Acceptance to University of the Pacific's School of Dentistry is nearly guaranteed through this program.

We have helped students receive acceptances to the following Specialized Business Programs:

College Program From
U of Pennsylvania Wharton School Deerfield, Brooks, DFLH, KMLA
↑ UPenn's world-renowned business program. Wharton students start the business program from freshman year on a track distinct from the other undergraduate studies.
University of Virginia Jefferson Scholars Program KMLA
↑ Jefferson students start the business program from freshman year on a track distinct from the other undergraduate studies.
New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business SGHS, Whimoon, KMLA, DFLH, Deerfield, Cushing +
Cornell University Dyson School of Business SGHS
Emory University Goizueta Business School Numerous students
University Of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business Numerous students
University of Southern California Marshall School of Business Numerous students
University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business Numerous students
University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce Numerous students
Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business Numerous students
University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School Numerous students
Indiana University Kelly School of Business Numerous students

We have helped students achieve following Scholarships Proposals:

College Scholarship
Bowdoin CollegeFull Scholarship
Dickinson CollegeFull Scholarship
Grinnell CollegeFull Scholarship
Case Western University$ 40,000
University of Rochester$ 40,000
University of Illinois – Urbana ChampaignFull Scholarship
Barnard College$ 20,000
Rice UniversityFull Scholarship
Dartmouth CollegeFull Scholarship
University of VirginiaFull Scholarship
MCPHSFull Scholarship
CaltechFull Scholarship (From Samsung)
Princeton UniversityFull Scholarship (From Samsung)
MITFull Scholarship (From Samsung)
Columbia UniversityFull Scholarship (From Samsung)
Cornell UniversityFull Scholarship (From Samsung)
University of PennsylvaniaFull Scholarship (From Samsung)