Starting College Applications Early

An early start is the best way to finish strong.

Applying to university can be stressful, especially when you are applying as an international student. Undoubtedly, you will run into questions that are hard to answer and essay prompts that may be difficult to understand. Tackling all of this two weeks before the deadline can take a toll on your apps, and stress from the process could potentially affect your academic performance. During such a pivotal time, we want to avoid this potential crisis at all costs. So, what step do we suggest? Summer with Noumena!

By enrolling in our College Applications program during the summer before your senior year, you are giving yourself the gift of time and care. With Noumena, you will follow a pre-set schedule engineered to allow ample time for both college picks counseling and essay drafting. You will also receive and complete a comprehensive information checklist, which we have created to ensure application quality control. All of this work will take place during the first half of the summer, giving you more than enough time to research and execute all the steps of your application before returning to school. Then, you will have the satisfaction of finishing all of your applications and the freedom to focus solely on your classes as you begin your senior year. Now, what could be better than that?

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