The Concord Review

The Concord Review : Historical research papers and 'Varsity Academics' as a way to boost your college application.

The Concord Review, based in the United States, is a quarterly publication devoted to exemplary historical research papers written in English by high school students worldwide. Mr. William Fitzhugh, the founder and editor, calls this endeavor: ‘Varsity Academics’!  Through 107 issues, the Concord Review has published essays from students in 44 U.S. states and 40 other countries. Korean students both in Korea and abroad have won this honor.

At Noumena, we believe that reading historical books and conducting research is a reward in its own right. Furthermore, students who craft exemplary essays may also earn journal publication and the recognition of university admissions counselors. Harvard Dean of Admissions, Mr. William Fitzsimmons, has praised the Concord Review for its role in fostering academic excellence, and others have equated publication in the Concord Review to winning a Mathematics Olympiad.

Historical research papers published by the Concord Review may cover a nearly infinite number of topics. For example, TCR’s Winter 2015 issue includes papers on anti-trust in baseball, Russian painter Pavel Dmitriyevitch Korin, and the Byzantine Empire. At Noumena, we foster the wide-ranging intellectual curiosity backed by strong research methodologies necessary for this sort of undertaking. Our trained teachers are ready to support your students as they delve into research that fascinates them. Even if students lack a clear research topic at the outset, we can open avenues of exploration and ignite interest. Noumena teachers can provide the boost to get started, the structure to proceed methodically, and the mentorship to stay focused.  Contact us to find out more about our TCR program. We would love to discuss historical research with you!