University Acceptance

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2016 College Acceptance Results

2016 was another successful year for our College Application students. Our students will be continuing their academic careers at some of the most prestigious and exclusive universities around the world.

Early Decision & Early Action Admissions
University of Pennsylvania Cornell University NYU Stern School of Business
Emory University Boston College University of Michigan
University of Virginia    
Regular Admissions
University of Cambridge UC Berkeley Emory University
UCLA University of Southern California New York University
University of Notre Dame University of Texas-Austin Brandeis University
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Case Western Reserve University Tufts University
Pennsylvania State University Wheaton College Wellesley College
Middlebury College Drexel University Purdue University
Indiana University Lehigh University Babson University
University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign University of Toronto UC San Diego
Fordham University Northeastern University George Washington University
University of Wisconsin-Madison University of Massachusetts-Amherst Syracuse University
University of Pittsburgh University of Washington-Seattle