2017 Winter Session

The time to register early for Noumena's Winter Program is here. Our Winter Program is running from late December to early January. This year we are offering open classes in the following subjects:



SAT Open ClassMon-Sat9:00-13:00

ACT Open ClassMon-Sat11:00-15:00

CRCAMon-Fri(1) 11:00-13:00  (2)14:00-16:00

Grammar MasteryMon-Fri(1) 11:00-13:00  (2)14:00-16:00

SAT Subject TestsMon-Sat14:00-17:00

Special ClassesMon-Sat11:00-22:00

*Come enroll in our spectacular Winter Program.

We are currently offering earlybird discounts to customers.

Call : +82-(0)2-583-0164 (Local)