The Noumena Method has helped countless students achieve remarkable improvement on their SAT scores, with many achieving perfect scores and gaining entrance to the most prestigious universities around the world.


The ACT is a college readiness exam used for college admission purposes as an alternative to the SAT exam. Parents and students always ask about the differences between the SAT and the ACT. Simply put, the ACT is more of a knowledge-based test, while the SAT is more of a pattern-based test.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Noumena also helps students prepare for their Advanced Placement (AP) exams. As there are over 30 AP courses available, we do our best to provide interested students with the resources they need to improve and excel in their respective courses. AP lessons through Noumena vary in interest and subject, so it is best for interested students to ask our administrative staff and teachers about available resources and assistance. 

2017 Winter Session

The time to register early for Noumena's Winter Program is here. Our Winter Program is running from late December to early January. This year we are offering open classes in the following subjects:



SAT Open ClassMon-Sat9:00-13:00

ACT Open ClassMon-Sat11:00-15:00

2017 Noumena Info Session in Korea

Noumena's info session seminar in Korea for our 2017 Summer Program is coming. It will be held at following saturdays, in Noumena office in Gangnam.

Come to learn about our Summer Programs as well as the Noumena Method and what makes us different from other institutes.

Our information sessions are also a great place to gather information about preparation for the process of applying to U.S. universities.


■ Venue

Namjeon Bldg, 3F

Yeoksam-dong 682

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea



Extracurricular Activities and the College Application

From the beginning of the fall semester, 12th grade students start putting in a lot of effort and time in preparing their college applications. Students’ biggest concern is often “How can I make my profile more special?” In an attempt to make themselves appear more appealing to university admissions offices, some students will try participating in extracurricular activities in which they have no real interest. In reality, such activities do not affect their applications much, and students will expend effort on meaningless activities rather than focusing on their studies.

Financial Aid and Scholarships from US universities

The tuition fee for University of Chicago, one of the most prestigious universities in the US, is $71,630 for the 2016-2017 school year.

That’s a lot of money.

The burden of university tuition that students and their parents have to bear is constantly increasing in every year so it’s very important to get financial aid and scholarships from your university if it’s available.