Our Teachers

Comprehensive Hiring Process

Noumena doesn't simply hire anyone and try to pass him or her off as a teacher. All of our teachers are carefully screened and go through our comprehensive hiring process.

Once hired, Noumena teachers go through an intensive training session on the Noumena Method so that they can help students improve from the very beginning. This initial training is reinforced and supported by hundreds of hours of ongoing systematic training. While our teachers are in the classroom, they are observed and evaluated on a regular basis. 

Noumena actively recruits the most qualified individuals from the top universities in the U.S.

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After we receive an applicant's resume and other documentation, the teacher must undergo a series of extensive interviews. Then to screen them for character evaluation, we assign the teacher three GRE type situational essays, each of them specifically designed to weed out those individuals who do not share our values. These components of the hiring process allow us to probe our teachers work ethic and values more thoroughly. We only hire teachers who understand that teaching is a vocation not just a job. And of course, we make sure that the teachers we hire are of the highest caliber, adept in a variety of academic disciplines. 

For this reason, when it comes to our work ethic and culture, Noumena is unlike any other private institute in Korea. We only select teachers who are willing to go above and beyond for our students and parents. As serious educators and professionals, our mission is to empower young minds by hiring the most skillful teachers available. 

We can confidently say that we are the most selective in hiring teachers. Each year we receive over 75 applicants but only two or three are selected from this pool. Most of these applicants are Ivy League graduates and not merely college students. Students and parents who have experienced our teachers, know the true value of our hiring process, and they truly appreciate us for that effort. 


Some private institutes only provide an intensive week or two-week training session upon landing in Korea; most provide no training at all. Noumena goes to great lengths-hundreds of hours of training and vision sharing-to make sure that its teachers are prepared in and outside of the classroom with its ongoing training program. Noumena trains its teachers on a regular basis throughout the duration of their employment. This system ensures that every teacher is a star teacher and that every lesson is stellar. 

Furthermore, the Noumena Method-our proven method for problem solving-is drilled into each teacher. From the very beginning, we hold hundreds of hours of training sessions to discuss grammar concepts and their variations, reading passages, and potential traps that students may fall into on the test. As an added measure of proven ability, we require that all Noumena teachers take an official College Board SAT exam and regular in-house practice tests. We hold meetings and training sessions to discuss the material and put our proven Noumena Method to use. One of the biggest critiques we hear about some SAT teachers is that they can score high on the test themselves, but can't teach students to do the same. At Noumena, our teachers are both great test-takers and great teachers.

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Besides our rigorous training system, we offer systematic support to all our teachers. We schedule our teachers to shadow, observe, and co-teach as much as possible. We want our parents and students to know that our teachers are available, ready, and willing to provide the support they need at a moment's notice. By making all of our teachers visible and available, we believe it will encourage our students to approach us more often with questions and concerns about their studies. Often times students don't perform as well as they can because they are too afraid to ask for the help they need. Noumena trains and encourages all of its teachers to engage students and ease those fears. 

Because we have such a strict hiring process and intensive regimen that trains our teachers to master the Noumena Method, we can confidently say that we are the best at what we do. Our thorough preparation and quality service extend to all of our programs. What parents, students, and potential teachers should know is that Noumena does not merely make students better test-takers but better readers, writers, and thinkers. Students will acquire skills and knowledge that will last them a lifetime and prove beneficial even in college. We expect a lot from our teachers because we expect a lot from our students.