Our Philosophy



"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."

- Aristotle


Some private institutions claim to possess a magic formula for helping students excel. Don't be lured by gimmicks and attractive marketing. Noumena knows that true academic success comes in the same way that success comes in life: through the individual's own achievement, not through others'.

We persistently remind the student that their success is their own responsibility. We instill hope by reminding them that success is not easy, that it requires hard work, and that it demands sacrifice.


Through our systematic approach to learning and specially catered educational programs, students develop knowledge, independent thinking, and values.

Knowledge should be transferrable and long term. Students should be able to build upon the knowledge they learn. If its use is short-lived, the approach to learning should be questioned. In every one of our courses, students are taught the foundational building blocks to knowledge. We emphasize mastery of grammar, reading comprehension, critical thinking, independent thought, and, most importantly, character development.