The Noumena Method

A systematic and thorough approach to education, the Noumena Method is our Modus Operandi to tackling and excelling on the Critical Reading and Writing Multiple Choice sections of the SAT I test through logical rigor and fundamental knowledge constructs. The founders of Noumena have reversed engineered the SAT I, targeting the very foundational skills the test uses to score students. Through our unique approach, students learn how to solve problems with mathematical precision on every question on the test. Our trained teachers provide the most thorough explanation possible and show students how to solve difficult problems using logic (analytical thinking) and knowledge of grammar, the fundamental building blocks of any learning. We do not approach learning simply intuitively. We go beyond that. We do so methodically through the use of logical analysis.

Noumena makes phenomena!


Before the Noumena Method can be applied effectively, students must enhance their reading comprehension skills and have a strong fundamental understanding of grammar. Our Grammar Mastery course can instill this foundational learning so that students can make the most out of the Noumena Method.


Our method is transferrable. In addition to the SAT I, the Noumena Method can be applied to a number of other standardized aptitude tests, including ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, TOEFL, SSAT, and many others.

Our Results

Over the years, the Noumena Method has a established a track record of producing outstanding results, with numerous perfect scores across various aptitude tests.